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Find a Hiking Backpacks or camping bag that’s right for you at Bags Only.

Shop hiking backpacks at Bags Only. We have a huge selection of outdoor adventure backpacks and bags at Bags Only, particularly our massive Luggage Factory Outlet in Belmont, Geelong. Any learned traveler will tell you how important it is to get a bag which suits the type of adventure you are undertaking.

Whether it be a weekend getaway, hiking adventure with the kids, school camp, family camping trip – Bags Only staff will find a bag to match!

The biggest names in camping and outdoor bags are under one roof

With trusted brands like Caribee, TOSCA Travelgoods, Black Wolf and High Sierra, there is a large variety of quality products available. When it comes to the great outdoors, we stock day packs, hike packs, travel packs, shoulder bags, wheel bags and duffle bags!

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