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Setting your TSA compliant lock

Step 1:

Turn the dials to 0-0-0 to set your combination. Press the “change button” firmly with a pen (or similar).

TSA Locks

Step 2:

A *click* will be heard and the button will remain depressed. Remove the pen (or similar)

Step 3:

Turn the dials to your personal combination, choosing an easily remembered number. (E.g. Birthday)

Resetting your TSA lock

Step 4:

Push the “release button” inwards and the “change button” will click out to its original position. Your combination is now set.

TSA Combination Locks

*If you wish to change the combination repeat steps 2-4.

*Please also note that the keyhole alongside the lock is strictly there for the use of TSA security personal at airport locations so you will not personally have a key for this.

How to Remember the Code

Suggest you write it down and keep in a safe place (e.g. wallet or purse).
Most people have mobile phones these days so take a photo of the combination and store it in your (mobile phone or tablet)

What happens if I forget my code

We are very sorry – for security reasons the TSA lock passcode needs to be remembered. For this reason our warranty does not cover the wrong setting of combination locks or breaking into your case.