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Soft case luggage offers travellers greater flexibility and movement and the more popular choice if you value space and flexibility over actual internal space.

In addition, soft luggage provides you with greater organization. Most soft-shell cases will have a zip compartment in the lid. Moreover, the lid may contain several sub-compartments and pouches. Some soft-shell cases may even have multiple internal storage compartments too. You can organize your belongings easily using this type of luggage.

If you’re traveling often for business or pleasure and continually jumping from one flight to the next, soft-shell luggage is the ideal solution. Soft case luggage provides you with great flexibility,  as you can squeeze and compact this type of suitcase and force it to fit into tight spaces.

Bags Only stocks the best brands in soft case luggage, including TOSCA Travelgoods, American Touriser and Samsonite.  The TOSCA So-Lite 3.0 is one of the lightest luggage cases in the market today.