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Canvas bags have become a popular luggage and casual bag option for both men and women. Both fashionable and functional, the variety of bags available presents shoppers with plenty of choice.  In this blog, Bags Only will look at the different types of canvas bags and their usage.

Canvas Tote Bags & Duffle Bags

Available in different colors, patterns and sizes, canvas tote bags or duffle bags can go anywhere! From work to home, from school to shopping or from the board room to the beach.  Tote bags are not only big but also very roomy, able to hold all your items plus that little bit more!

Duffle bags are also perfect for active lifestyles, short trips and weekend getaways. A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy hands-free use.  Canvas tote bags are a great alternative to carry-on hard case luggage if you prefer something light and easy to carry.

TOSCA’s waxed canvas collection has been created using a paraffin-based wax.   It is a densely woven cotton fabric that has been saturated with wax, giving it an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Camping Bags

If you’re camping and looking for a sturdy, roomy and waterproof bag – canvas is exactly what you need. Canvas bag are very durable and if taken care of, they will last for years and years. Larger sized canvas tote bags are perfect for the great outdoors.  Canvas camping bags are made from heavy duty canvas materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions.  They also make it easy to store and transport all your gear.  The Bells Beach large and medium sized barrel bags are a great choice if your next adventure is doing it rough outdoors!

Laptop & Messenger Bags

Canvas messenger bags have become the number one bag of choice for men for work and leisure. Messenger bags are quite versatile in that it can carry a number of things, with many people using them as laptop bags for computers or work supplies. Canvas messenger bags provide both a stylish modern look while giving you the comfort of having your laptop protected with a durable and secure material.

Canvas Backpacks

Canvas is a fantastic material for durable and fashionable backpacks. Canvas provides travelers with maximum durability and an extremely lightweight backpack.  Modern day canvas backpacks often feature secondary materials like leather, adding some style to an already fashionable look.


Canvas bags are a great choice. Their versatility & durability providing travelers with a bag that can be used for a variety of different purposes.  Shop canvas bags at Bags Only range now.

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