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If you’re awesome enough to purchase a vegan leather laptop bag, messenger bag or tote from Bags Only, you deserve an easy to follow guide to keep it looking great. Learn more about caring for your vegan leather bags!

Vegan leather (or faux leather) is characterised by fabrics that mimic the look and feel of leather, but are made without using any animals. Vegan leather is essentially a synthetic. It doesn’t tarnish like real leather does when ageing and it is much less breathable as the pores that are printed onto the surface of Vegan Leather are artificial.

What it is not, is immune to getting dirty! Here are our simple tips to care for your vegan leather bags.

If you have baby wipes or wet wipes – excellent!

Whenever your vegan leather gets dirty, immediately remove the dirt with a basic wet wipe. For parents out there, there’s another use for your baby wipes!

Use dish soap and water on the problem area

If you haven’t immediately spotted the stain, dilute some dish soap with water and use a white cloth to spot clean the stain. Please do not use chemical disinfectants on faux leather. It will dry out the vegan leather.

Remove all soapy residue with a clean cloth

Use a dry cloth wipe to remove all soapy residue. Be sure to complete this step before you allow the item to dry.

Dry the item

Dry the item with a cloth so that it doesn’t sit wet for too long.

Finally, vegan leather is waterproof and does not require the application of waterproofing sprays.


When it comes to style, you just can’t look past vegan leather.  The fact that the material is a more sustainable option to traditional leather and easier to clean, makes the product even more attractive!

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