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Qantas sure knows how to pull at the heartstrings don’t they! For someone who loves travel, the commercial certainly brought a tear to my eye. Like many Australians, I long for travel.  Does a shift messaging mean travel is back on the agenda? The quicker we can safely do so, the better in our opinion!

How tough is it seeing packed Premier League stadiums in London, US Open Tennis in front of fans and tens of thousands of fans signing Metallica’s Enter Sandman at American College football (google Virginia Tech Enter Sandman 2021 – you won’t be disappointed).

The scheduling of Qantas’s new commercial couldn’t have been any more timely.  It is something that Australian’s have been waiting for. Hope. It’s something that we have been missing so desperately these last 18 months. Jetstar and Virgin too are pushing the idea of flights returning, with advertising, incentives and new year flight offerings.

There is no question the narrative has changed around COVID. Vaccine passports have become a buzz word. No longer is the focus on positive cases or hospitalisations.  The focus is squarely on how quickly we as a nation, can become vaccinated against the virus.

This change in tact has us talking about travel again and excited about the prospect of being reunited with friends and family, whether that be at home or abroad. This is a good thing!

For our staff and customers, it brings them that little bit closer to once again being able to jump on a plane or in the car and explore new places.  It means our shops can re-open and we can again greet customers with a smile. We miss talking about travel and providing you with advice on where to travel too or which travel luggage or suitcase is the best purchase for you.

As we look forward to Christmas with renewed optimism, please take care and look after one another. We a hope yo see in stores soon re helping you with all your luggage, bag and travel goods needs in-store. In the meantime, you can browse and shop our range of carry-on luggage, medium luggage, and suitcases.

Stay safe and fingers crossed we can travel soon!

The Bags Only Team

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