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If you’re awesome enough to purchase a waxed canvas laptop bag, messenger bag, backpack or tote from Bags Only, you deserve an easy to follow guide to keep it looking great. Learn more about caring for your waxed canvas bags!

Waxed canvas is a densely woven cotton fabric that has been saturated with wax, giving it an extra layer of protection against the elements. The quality and strength of canvas is determined by the thickness of the yarn and the density of the weave. TOSCA’s waxed canvas range as been created using a paraffin-based wax.

What it is not, is immune to getting dirty! Here are our simple tips to care for your waxed canvas bags.

Let’s start with the DO NOT list! Do not dry clean, machine wash, machine dry, use warm or hot water or detergent. Using these methods will break down the wax coating, compromise the finish and water resistance.

1. Allow to dry and brush off dirt

If your waxed product gets soiled, wait for it to dry and gently brush off any dirt.

2. Oil stain?

There is no good way to clean an oil based stain without damaging the wax, so don’t even try! They will simply become a part of the material. Waxed canvas will age, and stains and wear and tear will add character to your product.

3. Use cold water and a damp cloth on the problem area

If dirt remains, use a lightly damp (cold water) cloth to gently rub the spot/stain. The beauty of waxed canvas is that age, stains and wear builds character to your product. Do not use detergents or bleach as this will ruin the wax coating.

4. Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap (not detergent) when needed

If you need to use soap, use a small amount and ensure you use cold water!!

5. Rinse away any soap and allow the canvas to air dry

Dry the item with a cloth so that it doesn’t sit wet for too long

Final tip! don’t wash your item often

When it comes to style, you just can’t look past a beautifully crafted canvas bag.  The fact that the material is a more sustainable option to traditional leather and easier to clean, makes the product even more attractive!

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