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It is an expectation of the modern traveller that their next bag, luggage case or backpack purchase features anti-theft technology.  There’s lots of anti-theft tech out there and it can be difficult for novices to make sense of it all. Bags Only is here to provide you with the answers on the types of anti-theft security on bags and backpacks.

What is an Anti-Theft Bag?

An anti-theft bag is no dissimilar to any backpack, business bag or handbag you will find on the shelf.  Although looking the same, anti-theft bags come with one or more features that protect the bag, protect your belongings and protect your identity.

Let’s take a closer look at these anti-theft features used on today’s backpacks and bags to deter would be thieves.

Slash proof material & shoulder straps

Slash proof backpacks integrated with a stainless steel wire are a feature consistent with the best anti theft travel bags in the market. The material is resistant to slashes with a knife or blade, preventing a robber that attempts to cut into the bag itself, in the hope all the contents fall out for easy collection.

Cutting the straps on a backpack being carried on your shoulders is a common method of stealing ones packed belongings. On most bags, the strap is an easy way to access your items. With anti-theft bags, a steel cable hidden inside the shoulder strap(s) prevents the offender from slashing through the strap.

Locking Cable & Anchor Straps

Locking cables when combined with a padlock, allow you to fix your bag around or to something, much like you do with a bike lock. An easy and effective feature, locking cables and anchor straps come in handy when sitting at a cafe, riding public transport, or leaving your bag on the beach while you go for a quick swim.

Lockable Zippers

Zippers and clips used on an anti-theft bag are durably designed and prevent sticky fingers from getting into your bag. Ensure you look at how the zips lock down. Zip clips (a clip attached to a zipper’s pull tag opening) act as a quick deterrent whilst zippers you can add padlocks to are also great features.

When thinking about zips, bags with puncture-proof zippers (anti-theft zippers) add that extra layer of coverage.

RFID Shielding Technology

With ‘Identity theft’ a real concern, RFID blocking technology is another feature you want in your anti-theft bag.

RFID skimming is the process of grabbing ones credit or debit card information and using your personal details for fraudulent purposes.

If your anti-theft bag has RFID blockers or shielding technology, then your cards are off-limits. Your bag or backpack might be entirely with RFID blocking material or certain compartments. Either way, you’ll be glad you have it!

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