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Planning a trip to a colder climate? Your luggage cheat sheet for Winter travel is is here. In our latest blog, we answer all your luggage and packing questions.

1. Choose the right luggage

First things first; you need luggage suitable for both your journey and destination. Traveling to colder climates for Australian’s generally means a long flight (except a trip to Tassie), that potentially could include a stopover or two.

Passengers are spoilt for choice when it comes to carry on and check-in luggage options. Suitcases, small tote bags, duffle bags, canvas bags, bags with wheels or specialized travel backpacks.

Big or small?

A bigger carry-on bag is generally a better investment when travelling overseas, as you will be relying on it a lot more. Easy access to items is also important, so the more compartments the better!  You can also fit more in if relying on taking one bag.

One or two luggage items?

The length of your trip and travel destination(s) will determine whether checked-in baggage is required in addition to your carry-on item. Packing just a carry on is hard enough any time of year, but in winter, there’s jackets, boots and other heavier items to pack. Checked-in luggage allows you to pack with a little bit more freedom. If you’re comfortable lugging two items around, then for it.  Seasoned travelers can opt for the one.

Don’t forget to check luggage size requirements with your airline to prevent any nasty excess fees when you check in.

Carry or roll?

This comes down to personal preference and the type of trip (e.g  backpacking compared to a five star hotel stay), but please keep these in mind when making your decision.  In colder climates, there is likely to be snow on the ground, so carrying a large multi-compartment travel backpack might be a better option than rolling a suitcase across difficult and wet terrain.

If you have a large suitcase for you checked-in baggage, we recommend a travel backpack as your carry-on option.  You will need a backpack for day trips, sight-seeing and other activities you have planned for your trip.

2. Pack Smart

Getting your carry-on luggage, checked-in luggage and its contents right is so important. You need to ensure you have everything you need to get you from A to B to maybe C!

Many winter items are bulky and take up a lot of space in suitcases or bags. Free up room in your carry-on or main suitcase by wearing your bulkiest items onto your flight, such as thick jackets and heavy shoes. You can always take off your jacket and place it in the overhead compartment.

Plan your outfits carefully. This includes packing ONE coat, one scarf and one pair of heavy shoes! Packing cubes are great for arranging your clothes.

Be prepared for bad weather and delays. In your carry on, ensure you have easy access to bottled water, snacks, warm jumper, basic toiletries and tech devices.  Nothing also beats a good book!

3. Protect your belongings

Travelling overseas and unfamiliar with your surroundings? There are many bags, suitcases  and travel backpacks with anti-theft features. Nothing will ruin your adventure faster than falling victim to theft. Select a bag with built in RFID, which prevents important personal information  (credit cards or passport) from being stolen. Also look for bag or luggage options with smart locking security.

Your Luggage Cheat Sheet for Winter Travel

An a escape to the snow, or traveling across Europe in Winter can be magical. It is important that you really think about what you pack and what you plan to pack it in.  Talk to your friends that have traveled abroad, travel agents and other experienced travelers, they will be able to provide you with the best advice.

Visit your nearest Bags Only store and talk to the staff.  You’ll find many are seasoned travelers and can point you in the right direction with your luggage choices.

In summary, follow these golden rules when traveling in winter

  1. Choose the right luggage
  2. Pack smart
  3. Pack one jacket, scarf, beanie, heavy shoes to save space
  4. Wear heavy items on the plane (coat, shoes)
  5. Use packing cubes to organize clothing
  6. Keep your items clean, pack a bag for your dirty shoes
  7. Pack essential hygiene items
  8. Pack your own tech devices (does sharing ever work, particularly when traveling with kids!)
  9. Backpack, Backpack, Backpack!
  10. Be prepared for bad weather and delays (pack a book!)


A tip from personal experience. If you’re going to go on a bike tour around Germany in winter, wear as much clothing as you can or pick a time around 1pm or when the sun is out!

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